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The Cary Acupuncture Clinic
specializes in treating acute & chronic pain, emotional health including stress, anxiety & depression, allergies, digestive disorders and hormonal issues

New to the Cary Acupuncture Clinic


Acutonics is an integrated approach to health care combining Oriental medicine, psychology, science, and sound healing principles.

This effective, non-invasive methodology uses precision-calibrated tuning forks which are applied on or over acupuncture points. Acutonics has been referred to as non-needle acupuncture and is proven to reduce pain, relieve digestive disorders, improve sleep and reduce anxiety.

Benefits of


Acupuncture is unique in the sense it helps to identify health issues in the early stages of development. By taking preventative measures early on, acupuncture may help sustain your healthy lifestyle for many years to come. It is often easier to address health issues before they become chronic, and deeply ingrained in your body.


Years of study have proven the benefits of acupuncture as supportive care for autoimmune disorders, and women’s health including menopausal symptoms. Studies have even supported acupuncture as supportive care during cancer treatments. Acupuncture encourages the body to activate its own healing mechanisms while alleviating potential side effects from medication.


Acupuncture is often tried after other therapies, medications, or surgery have failed to provide the relief one may be looking for. Acupuncture provides an effective, low risk alternative treatment. We focus on resolving symptoms, and addressing the root cause of the pain or illness.


Why Chinese Herbs??
Why Chinese Herbs??

Chinese Herbal therapy, like acupuncture, has been around for thousands of years. Research supports the effectiveness and power of Chinese herbs without the side effects that Western Medicine can present. Chinese herbal formulas can treating anything from the common cold, recurring sinus infections, back or neck pain, anxiety and stress, insomnia and much more.

What is Chinese Face Reading??
What is Chinese Face Reading??

A private consultation provides profound insights into what your personal facial features reveal about your personality, the patterns of emotions you struggle with, your personal strengths and challenges and much, much more. Chinese face reading can help provide the answer to two fundamental questions for your life:

Who are you? And what is your calling?

If you would like a new patient appointment, please call the office at 919-803-4772.
Online booking is available for existing patients.

Select the type of appointment you’d like, the date you’re interested in, and scroll down in the small window for available times.

If you don’t see an appointment time you need, please contact me by email or text message to 919-696-4570 with your request.

I will do my best to accommodate your schedule!

All appointments will be seen at our clinic – 301 Keisler Drive,  Suite D, Cary, NC 27518.