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Am I Aging Well?

Am I Aging Well?

What do my wrinkles mean?

Chinese face reading reveals that many wrinkles are positive signs of lessons learned and wisdom gained. At the Cary Acupuncture Clinic we believe that lines by the corners of our eyes are ‘Joy Lines’. They represent someone who is able to keep an open, courageous heart in life. These lines develop when you smile from your heart on a regular basis.

Unfortunately some wrinkles can develop when we are out of balance. For example, when we fall into patterns of negative emotions like cynicism, resentment or anger. We like to refer to these wrinkles as early warning signs that you have navigated slightly off course. Chinese face reading can help to identify these types of wrinkles and provide a course correction to bring you back into balance.

Chinese Face Reading
The ‘Joy Lines’ in the picture show that she probably has an open and courageous heart inspite of whatever bumps life may have given her.

Chinese Face Reading Consulation
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